Pan-Seared Tofu with Capers, Basil and Tomatoes


When Liz and I first started bouncing ideas around for this blog, my initial thought was to start with a ‘clean plate’. I was going to do one catch-all post that included the Vine and Dine cookalongs on my blog, as well as anything else I’d previously made. Thinking about it a little longer, I decided against that. While I won’t remake anything I’ve made recently, some of these older recipes are worth revisiting. That’s the case with this one.

I will be forever grateful to Horizons for teaching me to properly pan-sear. Talk about texture! And with one of the suggested spice mixes (depending on the recipe), you get instant flavor. When we ate at Horizons, Jim ordered a tofu dish. He had a big slab of tofu that was pure white inside. The pan-searing was gorgeous, but would it have enough flavor? Of course it did. It was delicious, and much of the credit goes to that technique. When combined with this simple pan sauce, it’s like Italy on a plate. For a side, we served it with the Mediterranean Rice. While the rice was good, the tofu stole the show.

The front of the book has Horizons basic tofu spice mix and the guide to pan-searing. If there was nothing else worthwhile in this book, this alone makes it worth it’s price. But lucky for us, there is so much more.