Red Bean and Bacon Soup

This was yet another recipe which was so much tastier than it sounded. Like many of the recipes, it uses one of the spice blends listed in the introduction to the book. It’s definitely worth allocating some time to making all of the spice blends because it makes all the recipes so much quicker.

I started off like I do with all of the soups by using less stock than it calls for, but actually this one did use most of the stock and could have used it all if you enjoy a thinner soup. I like mine stew like so I kept it thick, but I do recommended starting low and adding as you go. The soup’s got onion, carrot, beans, bacon, and not much else except the spice, so it really shouldn’t have been as amazingly good as it was. Another time I’ll be tempted to add greens for a perfectly rounded bowl of comfort food. You could also use another grain instead of the white rice if you wanted extra nutrition. You’d need to alter the cooking times a bit but I think it would work equally well.

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