Tofu Benedict

I am a huge fan of tofu benedict. I’ve never had it and not enjoyed it. Too bad, it’s not the same story for Jim. He thinks it’s  underwhelming and would rather have a scramble any day. Until the day we had this one.

It all comes back to techniques for me. This well-seasoned and pan-seared tofu is the star… and Jim was stealing it while I was plating. To me, greens are a necessity in benedict rather than an option, so we added swiss chard to ours. I was a little leary about the sauce since it was a mayo/butter combo, but I was wrong. It was perfect on this.According to the cookbook, a version of this has been on every brunch menu ever featured at Horizons. It makes me wonder just what else they served.

It was easily Jim’s favorite benedict ever, which means I get to have it more often. Thanks, Horizons!

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