Roasted Portobello with Braised White Beans


Roasted portobellos, when done well, are probably one of my favorite foods. The simple but delicious recipe in Horizons is no exception. I cut way back on the oil since mushrooms act like sponges and it just didn’t seem necessary to me. The rest of the rub ingredients carried this well. It’s versatile, too, and could be served as a burger, sandwich filling, on a grilled vegetable platter, or as it is here, as an entree.

The braised white beans are super simple to make. The only flaw with them is that I used canned beans. That’s my doing, not the fault of the cookbook. Next time I would use my own cooked beans, because the canned just didn’t quite cut it. They were ok, but that mushroom deserves better.

That mushroom could really go places.