Refried Red Lentil Tostadas with Cactus Salsa


I’d had my eye on this recipe for quite a while but never seen nopales (cactus) for sale anywhere. VeganMoFo gave me an excuse to order some online from Mexgrocer.

This recipe is in the Appetizer chapter but we ate 2 each for dinner with some Mexican potato salad. The salsa was the easiest thing to make; just blending lots of ingredients together. The cactus was a very strange texture and a bit slimy but the book said to drain – rinsing wasn’t mentioned so I just gave them a dab with a paper towel. I made half of the salsa and there was plenty leftover.

The tostadas involved frying corn tortillas (I used Cool Chile), and the refried lentils were made nice and easy with a jar of one of the Horizons spice blends already in the cupboard.

It’s always great to try a new ingredient and the cactus made a light, fresh salsa. I love lentils and I love refried beans so combining the two worked well but I couldn’t help thinking I was eating dhal with salsa, which was a bit odd. Maybe more spice blend in the lentils next time. The tostadas were very crisp and a great vehicle for lentils and salsa.

I still have half a jar of cactus leftover so if anyone has any ideas of how to use it except salsa I’d love to hear about them.