Seitan Beef, Barley and Ale Soup

I must admit to making a few tweaks to this soup. I hoped they’d enhance the dish but I fear they caused a problem. First of all I halved the broth. Most of the soups in these books come out very liquidy and I like my soups to be more like stews. This, combined with the fact that my beer wasn’t as full bodied as I’d have liked, threw the flavours off balance. The dried mushrooms were far too overpowering even though I used less than the full cup called for. I love barley, seitan, beer and mushrooms, especially paired with greens (not in the recipe; my choice of side dish), so there’s definitely a great dish here but to get a texture and flavour that I prefer my tweaking needs to improve next time. I might consider using fresh mushrooms and replacing some of the broth with mushroom stock.

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