Tortilla Soup

Surprisingly, since we both love Mexican food, I’ve never made a tortilla soup. I mentioned to Liz that I was thinking of trying this one, and she said they’d had it on the tasting menu at Horizons. I was sold.

I was a little short on the seitan, so I amped up the vegetables some. Besides the “holy trinity”, the vegetables include corn, tomatoes and a (not so) optional chile pepper. The book gives an  option of topping your soup with the tomatoes, rice, and avocado rather than putting them in the soup, but we just kept the avocado as a topper. I’m not crazy about hot avocados and could have done without them on top, but Jim thought they added to it. I cut the broth in half as like our soups thick. I was expecting this to be smoky as Liz had mentioned that the one at Horions was, and it really wasn’t. The headnote explains that they do a different version at the restaurant which includes grilled seitan. To give this a bit more of a bottom, next time I’d add a touch of liquid smoke. Overall, we really enjoyed this soup and would have it again.

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1 Response to Tortilla Soup

  1. Vanessa says:

    Well this just looks amazing. YUM!

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