Shredded seitan burrito with chipotle sauce

Given our love of seitan and chipotles, it was a certainty that we’d make this at some point. I’m only surprised we waited so long. As long as you’ve got some premade seitan, this is a snap to put together and yet another Horizons dish that seems like it took far longer to make than it actually did. Previously to this recipe I’ve always made my own chipotle powder by grinding whole chipotles in my spice grinder, but I included some in my order from Cool Chile Co. I can’t say I noticed too much difference but it made the process even speedier.

The method of cooking the seitan in the sauce resulted in a beautifully soft, spicy burrito filling, so I added in some crisp lettuce for contrast. I served it with guacamole, sour cream and the chipotle home fries from Hearty Vegan, which I’ve made many times before and are a spicy crispy buttery delight. (Note: They are far better if you don’t grab curry powder instead of chilli powder because they are in similar pots, but whatever).

I’ve no doubt that we could eat 16 ounces of seitan between us if we tried, but I halved the whole recipe and still got 2 substantial delicious burritos.

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