Spicy Jamaican curry seitan stew

I had a moment of madness with the delete button this week, so no photographs of this one I’m afraid.

I knew I’d be late back from a governor’s meeting so I made this the day before, safe in the knowledge that any kind of curried stew can only get better as it sits. I also changed the main ingredient because I didn’t have much seitan and no time to make it. I used a heaped cup of TVP chunks, hydrated, instead, and of course, I used the optional scotch bonnet pepper.

I served this alongside some brown basmati and it was really comforting on a chilly Autumn evening. Even with the scotch bonnet it wasn’t overly hot – just a nice heat that didn’t overpower the rest of the the spices and other ingredients. The TVP was a decent substitution but I suspect the textures would work better with the original suggested seitan. Using TVP made it a very budget friendly dish, and it’s also a great make in advance dish for the chilly months ahead!

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