Seitan Steak Marsala


This should be renamed Mmmmmmmmarsala. Really. This is great stuff. Looking at the recipe, a couple things stood out.

1. 16 ounces of seitan. For two people. I love seitan and that’s even more than I might use for two people, as the recipe serves.

2. No onions. Just garlic. Garlic is great, but no onions?

I switched it up a little to use 8 ounces of seitan and 2 large portobello caps. Wild mushrooms are suggested, but I had portobellos that I needed to use. We had it over pasta with arugula mixed in and a side of green beans. We didn’t miss the 8 other ounces of seitan. Our awesome garlic from the September garlic festival came though. With that and the fresh herbs, we didn’t need the onion. It’s an awesome dish, and still could have served 4, or one Tami and two Jims.

This one is in my top 3 favorites so far.