Tart Tatin a’ l’Americain



With Thanksgiving behind us, this might be a little late. But there is never a bad time for an apple dessert.

If you’re used to Mom’s Apple Pie, this is very different. The apples are cooked stove-top, arranged in a pie plate, then topped with the crust. I had a few problems with this recipe mostly due to my own doing. First off, I used only apples rather than the apple pear combo. I wasn’t sure if the apples should reach the top of the pie tin (so the crust could rest on them), but that seemed the  most logical. (I think my measurement was off due to my fruit substitution.). The crust is very forgiving. If you are insecure about pastry, this one doesn’t have to be a work of art since the whole tart is tipped over onto the crust. I patched mine together fairly liberally with wet fingers (I ‘rushed’ mine rather than waiting the suggested time), and it still turned out wonderfully.One thing  to note: unless I missed it, the recipe doesn’t have a temperature. I used 375 F.

We enjoyed this dusted with cinnamon with a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream on the side. The ideal match would have been cinnamon ice cream. Next time.

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