Provençal White Bean Soup


Even though this soup is full of beans, the real star for us was the celeriac. Besides adding great taste, it also gave the soup that almost toothsome texture that only a root vegetable can. I cut back on the broth (from 8 cups to 6) and next time will reduce it to 4 cups. That’s entirely personal. As my mom says, we don’t like to chase things in our soup so we go for more stuff, less broth.

Speaking of broth, of course you’ll want to use a good quality one. This soup is so quick to make, that you can’t expect the vegetables to give it t he broth itself much flavor. But with the sherry, wine, and herbs, this soup is quite complex for the effort. It has an optional tablespoon of olive oil added at the end, and it defnitely does add to the taste.

Like all the recipes I’ve tried from their books, Horizons recipes actually taste true to the restaurant. That’s an amazing thing. I could imagine getting a cup of this soup at the restaurant, to be followed by that amazing grilled seitan. It really is the perfect starter soup.