Grilled Seitan with Sage Mustard, Garlic and Sage Mashed Potatoes


On a cold, dark, wintery Sunday evening, we both craved comfort food. Seitan, plus mustard, plus mashed potato, plus greens. Perfect. Both the seitan and the mashed potato recipes came from the first Horizons book and I just braised some greens to serve with them.

The seitan is cooked on an outdoor grill in the recipe but I used my electric griddle instead. It’s remarkable easy because all you do is blend the sauce ingredients then brush it on to the cooked seitan – the garlicky, herby sauce melts into the seitan and I put some extra on the top too. As long as you’ve got seitan at hand it takes minutes.

The potatoes were also very easy – simple potatoes mashed with a buttery garlic, wine and herb mix.

Yet again Horizons provides a quick and extremely tasty meal that seemed like it took much longer than it actually did.