Cuban nachos

I love nachos when I have them but they’re not something I ever think about making. This isn’t really a recipe, more suggestions of what to put together, but the interesting thing is the use of plantain chips in place of the more usual tortillas.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for plantain chips ever since I got this book, and I finally found them in a local Pakistani shop, where I’ve found lots of treasures in the past. I didn’t bother to weigh or measure anything, just used the recipe as a guideline. I layered home made refried black beans, plantain chips and vegan cheese and baked them, then used the suggested mango, sour cream and guacamole. I didn’t have any salsa so I chopped a tomato and a couple of jarred jalapeno slices with the green onion to scatter on top.

This was a great snack when I got in late from football. The plantain chips and mango were a definite twist on the old favourite. The sweetness of the mango worked especially well with the black beans and I’d make this again for sure.

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