Yucatan Grilled Tofu with Green Sauce

If I had a pound for every time I’ve praised the spice blends in the Horizons books, I’d be able to fly to Philadelphia with the money AND eat at Vedge. This recipe is going to add another pound into the pot, because the tofu is coated with the Cajun spice blend mixed with oil and soy sauce, then grilled.

I wasn’t quite so sure about the sauce, but I don’t know whether it tasted how it was supposed to or whether I got some of the ingredient quantities wrong. I never like to see ingredient quantities defined as “bunch”, because bunches differ so wildly, so I wasn’t sure how much coriander was supposed to go in. The sauce was a bit bitter, probably from the green pepper. I kept on adding more sugar, then more salt, then more lime. In the end I did like the sauce; the flavours grew on me as I was eating it, and it went well with the tofu. I was also surprised at how creamy it was for something that didn’t have anything creamy in it at all!

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1 Response to Yucatan Grilled Tofu with Green Sauce

  1. veganappetite says:

    Great looking grilled tofu!

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