Seitan Feijoada

I fancied making a thick hearty comforting stew and my first thought was the feijoada from Viva Vegan, which I’ve made several times. Then I remembered that there’s a feijoada recipe in Horizons that I haven’t tried before so I decided to try that version instead.

This one is different in that it uses seitan and one of the brilliant Horizons spice blends. The portions at Horizons must be massive as the recipe calls for 1lb of dried beans and 1lb of seitan for just 2 servings! I chopped it down a bit and used 8oz dried beans and 10oz of seitan and still got 4 servings. Unusually, the recipe uses the bean soaking liquid which gives the stew an extra dark colour and a thick rich earthy flavour.

I served the feijoada with 2 side dishes from Viva Vegan – the yellow rice with garlic and the braised Brazilian kale. They were perfect choices as they paired perfectly with the dark spicy stew. We drank a big Portuguese wine with it and it was a wonderful match to a great dinner.

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