Grilled and chilled jerk tofu with hearts of palm, mango and avocado salad

It’s become a joke in our house now that when I ask Matthew what he wants me to cook with the tofu in the fridge, he always responds with “Something from Horizons”. I do agree him that some of my favourite ways to eat tofu come from these books, so I went off searching for a different way to use it.

I don’t generally eat much cold food and I’ve made little from the salad sections of either book, but we’ve been having some hot days recently so I decided to try the grilled and chilled jerk tofu and the salad that came recommended as a side dish with it. I did alter the proportions of some of the salad ingredients just to fit in with what I had and I certainly used less mayo.

This was a perfect hot weather meal which I enjoyed far more than I expected. I served it alongside some plain rice, but one of the great things about being vegan is that you can reuse your marinades without fear of food contamination, so I drizzled the leftovers over the rice. The tofu itself was tangy and perfectly spiced and would be fantastic in a sandwich too.

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