Liz (England) and Tami (USA) became online friends while testing for several vegan cookbooks together. Realizing that their tastes in food were similar was just a start. Over time, they became real life friends and have enjoyed food-focused trips together and shared many incredible meals. One of their favorite restaurants was Horizons in Philadelphia. Following its closing, Liz and Tami thought it would be fun to cook through the two cookbooks from the restaurant. Will we hit all the recipes? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, we’ll have fun and eat well while we do it.

Liz’s husband first visited Horizons on a business trip and was so impressed he bought her the cookbooks (hint hint). She fell in love with the techniques and flavours and vowed to visit the restaurant one day. That dream became a reality just a few weeks before it closed and her review of the trip can be found here.

The techniques keep Tami coming back to these books time and time again. She was once told that to be a good cook, learning techniques was key. Techniques stay the same, but they can be applied in countless ways and with a huge variety of ingredients. That’s what makes cooking a constant exploration and a creative outlet for her. Tami only made it Horizons once, but loved every minute of it.

Liz’s original blog is Cooking the Vegan Books. Tami’s original blog is Vegan Appetite.

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